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HOCATT Platinum

There is no device more effective on earth to strengthen immunity against pathogenic attacks, as well as rid the body of them.  Ozone is 3000 times stronger and safer than chlorine.  HOCATTTM can combat and dispose of pathogens, aids in wellness, immunity, detoxification, weight loss and anti-aging, managing autoimmune disorders, chronic diseases and pain, increases athletic performance.


-Whole body hyperthermia (sauna) with                                                                                                         steam and infrared.

-CO2/Carbonic Acid Sauna

-Ozone (transdermal + Auxiliary Functions): Ozone sauna (full-body transdermal,) Cupping + breast cupping (localized transdermal), Vaginal insufflation (systemic,) and Ozone water for drinking

-Frequency specific microcurrents

-Concentrated Oxygen Breathing (for passive exercise with Oxygen)

-Photon Light & Color Technology

-Essential Oil Infusions

-High Intensity PEMF: HU=GO High Intensity PEMF- The HUGO Pro Driver is a High Intensity PEMF driver that utilizes the spark-gap method to generate very fast and powerful electrical pulses.  These pulses travel through the coils in the applicators (mats, loops, etc.), generating pulsed electromagnetic fields.


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